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How to apply to Darkness Rising

First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in Darkness Rising. This is a step by step for applying to our community.

What are we recruiting?
If you look to the left you will see at list of the classes corrently recruited. Eventhough your class isn't needed and you still hope for a spot in our community, please still feel free to start an application. Keep in mind that to join Darkness Rising we focus highly that you are of value to us.

Start your application
On your left you will find a link "Apply to Guild here" that will start a step by step application. You will need to join Guildlaunch in order to apply to Darknes Rising. Once that is done you are ready to fill in our applicationform.

The applicationform
The applicationform might seem very long, but take this as a sign for what type of players you are going to play with when you join. You are expected to be thorough and show through the application what values we should take into considuration.

First step of the applicationform will ask if you have read our rules. These rules are the foundation of your part in our community. They are the reason why you are with us and also the reason why you are not.

After applying
After applying you should see your application on our forum. Here you can follow the status of it too.

When we determine if your values are of use to us, we will post it in your application, and try to contact you. You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or need invite after being approved.

Best Regards
Darkness Rising

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