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Guild Rules

Guild Rules

When you join Darkness Rising
... you will be appointed the rank "Page", which means that we are currently evaluating you from a social aspect. Do you fit in, do you participate and how is you mannor towards other members. For social applications you will be promoted when we feel you have found your place in Darkness Rising.

Did you apply with the intention of raiding, you will need to pass a 2-week program as "Trial" before you are offered a spot on Darkness Risings raiding team as "Raider". For skilled players, that brings both great raiding and a social contribution, will be offered the rank "Core Raider". You can read more on this once you become a member of our community. 

The social aspect of Darkness Rising
It is with great pride we watch over our social part of Darkness Rising. With late nights on Ventrilo, singing and laughing, alive guildchat, we know that those who want to participate for the greater cause, also ends up with experiences for life and memories to think back on.

You have just joined Darkness Rising?
- First of all find out find an officer that you like to talk to.
- Ask what you need to do and be aware of during the week.
- Find out who can help you with your class and ask if there are improvements that can be made.
- For the social aspect try to say "Hi" when you login, and greet your fellow member when they do the same. Ofcause when you log off, say "See Ya peeps" and give your fellow members a chance to reply to your message.
- If you want a fast way to participate on a more social stage, try to ask if your fellow members need daily, weekly and so on. Try to do as much you can inside the guild, and help out if your needed, you will be remembered for what you do.

In short terms: You wanted to join, take responsibility. You want something to log in to, take part in it.

Raiding with Darkness Rising
The raiddays of Darkness Rising is 3 days starting at thursdag, friday  and last one on sunday, all between 19.30-23.00. You are expected to show up for invites at 19.30, whereafter you have 15 minutes to get into the instance in a prepared state. Nobody but yourself are responsible for having buf food, flasks or anything else you need to finish the 3 hours.

As your fellow raiders are depending on you, we hit hard on members that tend to see themselves above the rules. In the end, you will be removed from our community if you continue to have negative influence, in any way, on our raids.

Monday night new raids for the coming week will be put on the ingame calender. You are expected to either accept, decline or set yourself tentative on all available raids. If you are still tentative wednesday night when raids are set, it will be understood as a decline. For raiders choosing not to signup with any of the 3 choices, this will be taken as unwillingness to participate.

Ah, you want to raid too
- The idea to start raiding is like in real life to leave a good first impression.
- Check that you have enchanted and gemmed all of your gear before even thinking about asking or or comfirming you for raid. "Keep in mind that the guildies you team up with are fully prepared and need you to be at your fullest too."
- Ask a raidleader for the guilds progress and ask what bosses you are gonna be doing equal to your experiance and gear, and offcause read up on it, see videos, so you only need to ask questions doing the raid if you are unsure of something. "Keep in mind that you properbly get put on a raidinggroup that knows the tactics and want to progress faster and not use valuable raidtime on telling tactics the the fullest."
- Now that you have you gear and tactics in place all you need to be prepaired is flasks and food buff, always remember to have extra in case of extended raids. Keep in mind that you always need to have money on you for repair during raids.

In short terms: You want to raid, you need to adapt to the level of your fellow raiders.

Loot distribution 
In Darkness Rising we sort our loot following the EPGP-system.

"EPGP is based on the concept of Effort Points and Gear Points. Effort Points quantify the effort each member put towards the (common) guild goals and Gear Points quantify what each member got back in return. Loot priority is computed as the quotient of the two; priority (PR) is equal to EP/GP.

In a sense EPGP is like zero sum, but without all the need to rebalance the system, or impose taxes to give points for other effort put into the guild. Zero sum awards GP/N points to each player for each item dropped (GP the value of the item and N the number of players in the raid) so that the sum of all points for the members of the guild is zero. EPGP on the other hand is by definition self balanced since priority (and hence chance to receive loot) is directly proportional to the effort you put and inversely proportional to the rewards you got. It is also much more flexible than zero sum since it doesn't require a specific balance point (sum to be equal to zero for example). As such points can be awarded for almost anything without any taxation or over complicating the system (see below). Also another problem with zero sum is the random value of each boss. A boss kill is a boss kill and the effort to kill it is the same no matter if it happened to drop 1 or 2 epics. With zero sum since the amount of effort points the members get is proportional to the loot dropped which is definitely not representing fairly the effort each member puts in the guild."

Besides our placement in our lootsystem, we sort interested in ranks. The priority is as follows:
- Core Raiders -> Raiders -> Social -> Trial -> Alts

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